Jeanne Toinon is a 32 years old photo model and content creator. She evolves in a universe where fashion and nature, creativity and sport intertwine, developing a style punctuated by outerwear, second hand and hyper speed glasses. Her next project is a tour of France by bike.

Have you always had a strong connection with nature and the environment? Do you have a specific memory of this in mind?

Yes, since I was little, I grew up in the countryside in a very small village, my parents always grew and cooked their fruits and vegetables. I really grew up barefoot in the fields surrounded by animals. I have lived in Paris for 6 years but I still need to reconnect with nature regularly.

In fact I am filled with very good memories, whether it be the feeling of grass under my feet, the smell of dew, that of autumn and mushrooms growing in the forest, the gentleness of a hen when you pass your hand under his stomach to find eggs there, the quantity of walls ingested during the hikes. The memory that comes to me when answering the question is my first group hike at the age of 16, 15 friends of us went to the mountains and it was hard, I was in the last ones, the paths dangerous but magnificent off-piste, the canoe bivouac and my bag which was so heavy, it was very tiring, as a reward we had the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain.

Tell us about 'Quiet Hiking Club', when and how it came about and with what need and desire?

Quiet Hiking Club was born in April 2023, I don't have a precise date but it was the month of our very first meeting.

There are three of us now in QHC, Alexandra Martin, Jérôme Hervé and me. After bad experiences in a hiking group we wanted to create our own space, we realized that we had lost all our knowledge about nature, we only know ten trees even though it is so important to know what our planet is populated with, the flora and fauna that surrounds us. It is with an educational goal that we launched QHC, to educate our community about nature. We go to discover places and we make a sort of discovery notebook. By practicing outdoor sports, we want to immortalize the essence of nature in pretty visuals and brand editorials.

The organic logo of this new project of yours was born from what inspiration? Does it have a particular meaning and value?

The logo designed by Jerome Herve represents the three letters of our name, QHC. It's not readable at first because that's the principle of searching. The second reading is something more organic, which is closer to nature rather than a simple Typo, we are not sure if it is a path, a small animal, a root, or a jellyfish.

Do you prefer doing activities in nature on your own, with a few select people, or do you also prefer larger groups?

I love both! For me it's important to do both. Besides, I'm preparing for a bike tour of France that I'm going to do alone. For hiking for example or even climbing, I like to be with my loved ones and the members of QHC, it can be a larger or smaller group. One day, I took part in a hike where there were 50 of us, which was way too many! It was exhausting.

For all the projects and activities you do, you find yourself wearing many different clothes in different contexts and situations. Which garments do you prefer to wear and which do you personally feel most comfortable in? Both for a technical and an aesthetic discourse.

The clothing has to be practical, if it's aesthetic it's so much the better because I love clothing, styling etc. but for activities in the great outdoors you have to favor the practical and the technical, total freedom of movement, a good grip for shoes. Style is largely achieved through accessories, everything that is useful becomes very aesthetic.