Wanderlust Grand Tour

Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a personal, intimate journey:

It was undertaken to discover Italian culture, sciences and art, to return more aware of human genius.
The travelers who embarked on it used to collect their discoveries in notes, letters and notebooks in order to leave and share a physical testimony of what they had experienced.

One of the first is known as "Letters from several parts of Europe and the East", by the British Maihows, a journey into the Italian scientific and technological culture, from which many other examples of travel writings followed, commonly called "Carnet De Voyage".

Wanderlust will do the same by telling and sharing all its stages in a modern key and giving you the right tools to be able to do it in your turn in future travels.
  1. Wanderlust Grand Tour | Venezia

    45°25'52"N 12°20'12"E | Punta della Dogana (Venezia)

    On the occasion of the 1600 anniversary of Venice, Wanderlust wants to celebrate a history of legacy, cultural discoveries and d...
  2. Wanderlust Grand Tour | Cortina

    46°32'12"N 12°08'20"E | Cortina

    Again - Technasia Planet 9 - Adam Port Heimereise - Matthew DekayDune Suave - EinmusikDaliah (Maceo Plex Remix) - MelawatiAction ...
  3. Wanderlust Grand Tour | Mantova

    45°8'52"N 10°47'12"E | Palazzo Te (Mantova)

    You & Me (Flume Remix) – Disclosure (Mathame edit)Redtrida – AngelovEinrude – MXV (Tantum Remix)Cortina – KlausTundra – Peer ...
  4. Wanderlust Grand Tour | Milano

    45°28'69"N 9°11'25"E | Museo del novecento (Milano)

    Ben Bohmer – Wall of StringsRafael Cerato & Jager – Every You (feat. John M) (Wurtz & Iberian Muse Remix)Massano – The Fe...