I currently live in Liverpool, but grew up in Hampshire and London, UK. I’d describe myself as a photographer, digital content creator and menswear enthusiast.

Can you tell us when and how you got into photography and technical products? Are the two related?

I think for me, the two started off separately. I’ve always been into photography, even from a young age. I think just fiddling and playing with cameras as a kid really pushed my interest to where I’m at today. When I moved to London I started taking more photos of architecture and explored different techniques to help with my course at Uni. The street and fashion side came a few years after when I met friends doing similar things with a passion for photography.

In terms of technical products and gear, I think that came more so from moving up north. The weather can be more unpredictable so I found myself spending more time looking for functionality above form. There’s also a level of engineering and technology that I really admire in a lot of this stuff. Brands that can build and layer various materials to suit specific needs, I find it all super interesting.

When you travel, which cameras and lenses do you prefer to take with you? For shooting, do you prefer minimal, compact equipment or larger camera bodies with lots of lenses to change?

Ah right now, I definitely prefer a much smaller setup for travel. especially for the type of photos I enjoy to shoot. I find that a large DSLR and lens can attract a lot of unwanted attention, plus be super heavy for when you’re on the move all day. I typically use my much smaller Fujifilm X-E3 for most of my travel stuff, even as a daily carry. I’ll switch between 2 prime lenses, a 35mm and 50mm (roughly 50mm and 85mm with the sensor crop), both are very versatile and compact for what I need.

If I know I’ll be taking photos, on a job or want a slightly higher resolution etc. I’ll then switch and opt for my Canon R5, it’s a beautiful camera and really great to use, it’s just not what I’d choose for a more street-level scenario.

Which outdoor products do you prefer to wear and which do you prefer to shoot? Is there a particular motivation?

I definitely lean towards jackets and footwear in terms of the products I both prioritize and shoot. I think for me they tend to be key pieces when building an outfit so it’s always something I notice first and look out for.

What are the shots that your phone gallery is full of but you never post?

My two dogs doing daft sh*t in the house haha. They’re both miniature Dachshunds and always doing something funny.

If you had the opportunity to design an outdoor product what would it be and what features would it have? You can also imagine technologies that do not currently exist yet.

Oh that’s a tricky one… 

Probably some kind of pant I think, it’s probably the one piece for me that I can never get 100% when I buy. They’re always too slim for what I like or too short on the leg etc. I’m sure many other 6ft guys will feel the pain. I think there are enough jackets, bags and shoes that are all doing so much right but pants I feel could use a little push. In terms of technologies, maybe something that would be awesome is a wool or cotton material / feel with the same waterproofing level as Gore-Tex - and also without sounding like a crisp packet when you walk!

Would you like to point us to some music tracks or authors that you listen to lately in certain situations?

Happy to share a few tracks / artists I’ve been rinsing recently!

Sometimes - Snoh Aalegra, Logic
A Day At The Races - Jurassic 5
Night Rider - Joji
I Against I - Massive Attack
Three Sides of Nazareth - Nicolas Jaar
ctrl alt del - Corbin
Doomscrolling - Architects
Yum - Slowthai

It’s a real mixed bag but I enjoy loads of stuff really.

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